Get to know me

Hey I'm Kirsty! I’m a mother of 2 very free spirited, strong-willed little girls and a loving wife to David. So, a little about me... I'm an avid small business supporter, strongly passionate about women supporting women and lifting each other up on this crazy journey we call life! I was opened up to the world of Instagram when Aleaha was first born. I was the first of my friends at that time to have a child and so I became lonely very quickly. My mum had only recently passed from Motor Neuron Disease and hubby worked FIFO, so during those late-night feeds (or should I say early morning feeds) I would often find myself scrolling Instagram and discovering small businesses and other like-minded women that I had things in common with. My love for Instagram and networking quickly grew and I soon found myself with multiple brand rep positions and collaborations. I had formed some really strong friendships with these other women and businesses and really seemed to have found myself after such a long time of being lost. I was my mother’s full time carer for 4 years after she was diagnosed with MND. Eleven months after my mother passed, my father tragically passed too. Losing both my parents so young has taught me many valuable lessons. One that I will forever try to teach others is how precious and short life really is. What I love most about photography is that I get to capture your memories for you to cherish forever. I love that I can evoke so much emotion and feeling out of a single still moment in time. I get to capture some of those short, precious moments and give you something that I know holds so much meaning - and that there, is truly a gift in itself.